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Barcode scanning


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Just curious if you have any insight or direction into using Formidable with Bar Code scanning.

i.e.: Scan a Bar Code and have the product selected vs. doing a search in the database.

Thanks 🙂

We don't have anything like this built-in, so it would require a decent amount of customization or integration with another plugin to add this functionality.

Sorry I don't know much about this subject! Let me know if you have any other questions about this. Hopefully I can help.


Typically barcode scanners appear at HID (Human Interface Devices) and can be treated as if a user had typed in the barcode number manually.

Just a bit more info on this.... when you create a bar code, you tell it which link to go to. You would include the link to specific product instead of the search page. That's all there is to it.

Thanks for all the input.

What I'm looking for, ultimately, is the ability to scan a code (phone or tablet) and have that bar code/number (field) attached to lookup fields that will auto populate. This would be in place of doing a text search.

I'm looking to have this work via web and not an app.

I'm curious to insert an HTML/field/code that would use the phone or tablets camera to scan the bar code and the resulting UPC code will be found then the corresponding lookup fields will be populated.

I've been looking online and have been finding limited info. More for QR code scanning, which is not what I need, or QR and Bar Code creation.

I have found these:
(This you have to upload an image)

You can see via the attached image that you can select a store and that would auto populate.
Then, where the "Upload Image" is, you will be able activate the bar code scanner. From that scan the Product Field will auto populate.

Fairly simple process, it's just the bar code scanner is trick.


Forgot to add the image.


Oh, I see what you're trying to do.

To do real-time scanning of a barcode from within a browser requires the browser to support the getUserMedia/Stream API. Unfortunately, it does not look like most browsers support it.

The next best option is probably to do something like a file upload and then either process that locally within the browser via JS or have it upload to the server for processing. This might be a good starting place:


Thanks for the link, but it looks as though, this is for QR Code. I need UPC/Bar Code scanning.

Either scenario would work (real-time scanning or upload then process).

Thanks again.

Like I said, just a good starting point.

A quick google search for "javascript barcode scanner" seems to pull up some hopeful ideas, such as:

I don't think you're going to find a drop-in solution, so unless you're conformable writing code you'll probably need to hire a developer to help you flush out a final solution.

That link is VERY helpful.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks so much Andrew for your help on this!

Sure thing! It's one of the those fun coincidences where I happened to see the post know a bit about bar codes from my other life. Always fun to have my passions intersect and help where I can :)

Where can I find the function to call/activate the LOOKUP field?

Here is what is happening:

I have an app (Berrywing ScanToWeb) that scans a barcode and inputs the data/number into a text-based-Lookup field.
The scanned number appears, but doesn't activate/auto fill the following fields with info.

If I type the barcode/number into the text-based-lookup field the other lookup fields activate/auto fill the fields with info.

Here is what I found:
If I scan a barcode then press the space bar or up arrow (add a keypress in that field)
The Lookup Fields activate/auto fill.

What I need to do is call to the function of the lookup field after a barcode is scanned.

Once I have this then all should be working properly.

I look forward to hearing back soon.

Thank you.

Sounds like you're almost there! You'll just need to call a change event on the Lookup field in a specific way, after you set the field value, as shown here:
This line, specifically, is the one you'll need to include in your code:
$('#field_br4j1').trigger({ type:'change', originalEvent:'custom' });
Just replace br4j1 with the key of your Lookup field.

Does that help?


It has been some time for this ticket, but rather than reference it I thought would just reopen it.

All has been working fine with the ScanToWeb connection and recently it stopped working as expected.

The last issue (auto filling from a lookup field) was accomplished. This is the function that has stopped. I know that with FormidablePro updates some things will stop working and some code has to be updated.

Has any of the above functions been modified through updates that I should be aware of?

We are in the final stages of testing this in store products.
(Been busy adding stores, Region Reps, Sales HQ and all that)

I haven't contacted ScanToWeb, just yet, since nothing on their end has changed.

I hope all is well and I look forward to hearing back soon,

Hi Dan,

It doesn't look like anything changed in our code that would affect your setup. Can I get a link to your form to see the problem? Which field do I need to type into to see the problem?

Here is the link we are working with.

Here are some barcode numbers you can work with.


When you copy and paste any of the above numbers then hit TAB the Product Name field will autofill. Just give it a second to fill.

When we scan with ScanToWeb it used to autofil after scan, but now it does not. When I type the number in via phone or desktop then hit TAB on the desktop or press the Product Name on a phone it will autofill.

I know you work with custom code, but here is what is used on the ScanToWeb side.
var event = document.createEvent("HTMLEvents");

We also have this in the BEFORE FIELDS in the Customize HTML
<script type="text/javascript">
function scantowebsubmit( ) {
alert( 'Form submit attempt from JavaScript' );
document . forms[0] . submit( );


Thanks again for the insight.


Can you please provide a link that is generated after you scan? Have you checked that the barcode is in the URL like you expect? Is that the way you were doing this before?


There isn't a link that is generated.

Above is a video that Andy Berry did to show that it was working, when it was operational, back in May/June.

The Scan to Web is an app that shows a web page. Then you designate a field to be the barcode scanner.

When you initiate the barcode scanner you tap the Barcode Field then the barcode icon from the app. It starts the barcode scanner. When it recognizes the barcode it beeps and enters the number from the barcode.

From that scan it autofills the lookup field (Product Name).

Does that help?

I don't see that the change event in the Barcode field is triggered in this way:

$('#field_FIELDKEY').trigger({ type:'change', originalEvent:'custom' });

Is that line used in your custom script after the Barcode field value is set?


Follow up question to the code you provided.

Where would I place this? In the Before section of the Custom HTML under the Settings tab of the form?

Or somewhere else.


There are many places Javascript can go, but you can find some suggestions here:

This ticket is very old. If you please have questions, can you please open a new ticket? Thanks!

Ticket closed.