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Load View (custom display) with Ajax


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I have a form and a custom display for that same form, both on the same page.  After submitting a new form entry, the page refreshes and I can see the new entry in the display.

However, it would be nice if it were possible to reload only the custom display instead of refreshing the entire page, after form submission.  I thought this might be possible with the AJAX option, but not according to this post:

Maybe a feature for the future?

50 votes +1

+1. Ajax pagination would be a nice feature. Any idea on how to implement it now?

I'm not sure of an easy way of doing this without doing it myself. Sorry.

+1 Like a load more button which shows more entries, instead of pagination.


I know shortcodes can be included in the "submit", "update", "drafts" message boxes in the form settings. I'm actually pulling in a dynamically created message from users using this...

Can a JS refresh function be created as a shortcode, then be allowed in a similar fashion? I'm not a dev, so I'm not sure if this could even work.

Would love this as well, since I'm doing the same thing as Wimans to have my new entries shown. It's awkward for users to see.


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