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Adding more information to link="file"


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I have a formidable view that uses this short code:

[ gallery columns="7" ids="[3598 show=id]" link="file"]

when you highlight the thumbnail on the site, you'll get a hyperlink to

"" (for example)

What I ideally want to do is have a hyper link doing this:


Any suggestions on where to start? I don't want to use this code on every image on the site, just for certain galleries where I want to protect the image.

The script itself rewrites a .jpg and actually puts a watermark over the image, so if it's saved, the image itself is watermarked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

cheers, Shaun

Interesting to note that Google indexed this post 47 mins ago.......that's amazing from an SEO perspective.

Hi Shaun,

So you're still wanting to upload the image to the standard location, but you would like the gallery image to link to an alias URL? Is that what you're saying?

Hi Jamie

It's the same URL, but an extra text has been put before and after the actual link, so that the image is watermarked via a php script.

This works amazingly well to prevent images from being taken from a website, and if they are, the actual image on the fly has been watermarked.


I'm feeling that this should just be a standard hyperlink to the full image......with the source code written in, but I'm not to sure how the short code for the gallery would work if I did that.

I see. Since this isn't built-in to Formidable, it will require custom code. Also, since it's not a Formidable shortcode that you're modifying, you may need to see if there is a WordPress hook for modifying the gallery shortcode.

Our support doesn't cover custom code, but let me know if you have any non-code questions about this.

Hi Jamie

I thought this short code came directly from formidable???

[ gallery columns="7" ids="[3598 show=id]" link="file"]

I'm confused now.

"Steph Wells Moderator
May 9, 2012 at 11:14 pm
If you are creating posts with your form, the uploads will attach to the post if you select them as custom fields in the "create posts" settings tab. Once attached, the [gallery] shortcode will show those files.

Files do not upload into NextGen galleries, but if a gallery exists, you can insert the gallery id into a form field and use that for the NextGen shortcode to display the gallery.

Hopefully this answers your questions."

The gallery shortcode is part of WordPress. Is that what you're asking?

Ticket closed.