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Add a default value to a parent field from a repeating section field


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Is it possible to pass on the value of the first row only from a repeating section field to a field in the parent form?

For example, if the repeating section had a field called "First Name", I would like to be able to pass on the first entry to a field called "Parent's First Name" in the main form.

If I use the "Calculate the default value for this field" and put the [First Name] (using the field ID) on "Parent's First Name", I get all the values (i.e. Michael, Adam, Suresh, Michiko).  I want to be able to pass on "Michael" only and not the whole list.

Is this possible?



This would require custom javascript to only get the value from the first row of the repeater and insert it into a field elsewhere in the form.

Custom code is not covered by our support, however we have some examples that might help you get started:

Do you have any questions on this?

Thanks, Matthew! Worked like a charm.  Here's the code for anyone else who'd care to use it:

<script type="text/javascript">
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) {

var sourceFields = document.querySelectorAll( '.frm_field_84_container input');
sourceFields[0].addEventListener( "change", function(event) {


jQuery(document).on('frmAfterAddRow', copyValueFromRepeat );

function copyValueFromRepeat(){
var sourceFields = document.querySelectorAll( '.frm_field_84_container input');
var mainField = document.getElementById( 'field_w1r3t' );
mainField.value = sourceFields[0].value;


where '84' .frm_field_84_container is the ID of the field in the repeating section you'd like to copy; and,

'field_w1r3t' is the key of the text field in the main form.

Please make this ticket public as it may be useful for someone else.




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