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Simple Mortgage Calculator Template

With the Simple Mortgage Calculator Template, your website visitors and clients can estimate monthly payment amounts. With three basic values they can quickly answer the question that every home-buyer and real estate investor wants to know. "How much house/property can I really afford? Bottom line, what are the numbers?"

To get an estimate, your visitors can add a mortgage amount, interest rate, and loan term. Then the monthly payment is calculated in real time. This makes it easy to make adjustments and figure out how much house they can afford.

Looking for a mortgage calculator with more options? Try the advanced mortgage calculator for those who need a more detailed mortgage estimate.

This template is included with the Business plan.

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What's in the Simple Mortgage Calculator Template?

Formidable is 1) very well-thought-out to be easy enough to use while providing sufficient breathing space to customise and add deeper coding and 2) its stand-out feature is the quality, care and consideration taken with forum advice. Pretty much every single entry on this forum gives some useful information and is politely given. I have purchased a number of premium plugins and the support varies wildly; this is the best money I've forked out.

Why Add A Mortgage Calculator to Your Website?

This mortgage calculator widget will help you:

Put yourself in the shoes of your clients. Can you remember the first time you purchased a big-ticket item like a property, house, or a car? If you are like most people, after you’ve picked out exactly what you wanted, your next concern was, "what are my monthly payments going to look like?"

These are the same numbers your customers are looking for. Why not make it easy for them by having this tool available on your website?

The process of purchasing a home can be long and arduous, requiring time, money, and energy. So, making pieces of this process easy for your clients by providing quick access to a mortgage calculator, can help them understand their cost and potentially pay you dividends.

With this template your website visitors can get a quick-look at the numbers that are important to them. It can be embedded right into your WordPress site without installing a separate WordPress mortgage calculator plugin.

The Equation to Calculate Mortgage Payments is Intimidating

For most people, the math is hard. For your customer, figuring out the numbers quickly is essential to them making a solid buying decision. But without a mortgage calculator, manually using the standard mortgage calculation formula can bring back the anxiety of sitting in High School algebra class. Everyone doesn’t have a PhD in mathematics.

M = P[R(1+R)^N/((1+R)^N-1)]

The mathematically inclined may bark at the simplicity of the formula above. But most people will prefer to use a ready-to-go calculator to get the numbers they want quickly and efficiently. Here’s a full breakdown of the formula:

simplified mortgage equations and calculator

Would you rather give your clients the above mathematical jungle, or our simple fill-in-the-blank mortgage calculator?

An Easy Mortgage Calculator for Clients

Help your customers make an informed decision by simplifying the calculation process. All they have to do is enter the following:

  1. Mortgage amount,
  2. Interest Rate, and
  3. Mortgage Period.

In an instant, they can figure out how much house they can afford. Your clients can also use the calculator to forecast potential increases in property value by adjusting the three data points above.

All-in-All, there are multiple ways your customers can gather information with our mortgage calculator. They can:

Quick Mortgage Calculator Setup for You

The Simple Mortgage Calculator template makes it easy to add a mortgage calculator to your website. No more complicated coding or third-party mortgage calculator services. Just use our drag and drop interface.

This simple mortgage calculator also fits into any theme. You don’t have to worry about the expense of hiring a new web developer for design integration.

Calculator Widgets Look Good on Mobile

The Simple Mortgage Calculator is responsive. This is awesome news since Google’s new algorithm update, makes responsive design essential. With Formidable Forms, your website looks good on all different platforms. The calculator will fit, and look great in a sidebar widget, or in the side footer of a webpage.

Use WordPress Mortgage Calculators as a Lead Magnets

A strong lead magnet brings your potential customers closer to making purchases. Creating viable lead magnets can be cumbersome and expensive. The Simple Mortgage Calculator eliminates both of these limitations.

When a visitor uses the calculator, you can ask them for key personal information so you can begin to build a relationship. Customize the form however you'd like to include the customer name and email address.

Need More? Try our Advanced Mortgage Calculator

During the home buying process, your client will move through several phases. Each of these phases will require additional information.

Early in the process, they want to know how much they can afford and get the information fast.

As your clients start to narrow down their choices, a more advanced mortgage calculator template with monthly principal and interest payment may be more helpful.

Get more real estate mortgage calculators to give your clients a more complete analysis.

Simple Mortgage Calculator Template Screenshots

WordPress mortgage calculator

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