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Simple Mortgage Calculator Template

The Simple Mortgage Calculator Template estimates the monthly payment for a real estate mortgage. You can allow your visitors to get an instant estimate for their mortgage payment, right on your WordPress site. You don't even need a separate WordPress mortgage calculator plugin to do it.

To get an estimate, your visitors can add a mortgage amount, interest rate, and mortgage period. Then the monthly payment is calculated in real time. This makes it easy to make adjustments and figure out how much house they can afford.

Like all other Formidable forms, the simple mortgage calculator is responsive. It will fit great on a page, in a sidebar widget, or in your site footer. And it will look great on mobile devices and full screen computers.

Looking for a mortgage calculator with more options? Add the advanced mortgage calculator to your site for those who need a more detailed mortgage estimate.

This template is included with the Business plan.

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What's in the Simple Mortgage Calculator Template?

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Simple Mortgage Calculator Template Screenshots

WordPress mortgage calculator

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