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Do you want a simpler and faster way to build forms for your WordPress website?

Generally, most businesses will use the same kinds of forms for their website. Whether that be order forms, contact forms or quotation forms. Most of these forms follow the same basic structure, with perhaps a few extra elements, depending on individual business needs.

When it comes to building these forms from scratch, it can be a bit frustrating. If only there was a way to save time doing the same thing that hundreds of other businesses have already done before.

Good news! There is a simple solution: form templates.

Formidable Pro has allowed us to rapidly build beautiful, intuitive user experiences for our 4,000 filmmakers, composers, and judges.

Make beautiful forms without the effort

Formidable Forms provides a range of useful WordPress form templates that you can use in multiple different scenarios.

We’ve got contact forms, registration forms, job application templates, real estate listing forms, email subscription forms and many more. They were all designed to demo some of the very best features Formidable Forms has to offer. Here are some of our most popular templates:

Contact forms

Our simple contact form template will get a vital part of your website up and running in under a minute. All you have to do is create your form template and place it on the page of your choice in two easy steps.

Calculator forms

We want to make it easy for you to create forms that allow calculations. Whether it's a mortgage calculator, price estimates or car payment calculators you need, Formidable Forms has you covered. Our mortgage calculator template allows users to enter mortgage amounts, interest rates, length and home value to get accurate calculations.

Our car payment template lets your enter the price of the car, the down payment, sales tax and any trade in value which will give users estimated fees.

WooCommerce product creation form

If you use WooCommerce alongside Formidable Forms, we've also got a handy template. Our WooCommerce template lets you start from a sample product configurator form to calculate the total value of a product before it is even added to the cart.

User registration forms

Want to open up your website to user registrations? Our simple user registration template is the perfect way to get users to sign up to your site.

There’s really no need to build these forms yourself when you could save time with one of our clean, professional and easy to use templates.

Fully customizable form templates

What if the pre-built form template isn’t exactly what you want?

No worries. All of our templates are fully customizable to ensure they look and function exactly how you want them to.

If you don’t want a phone number field, get rid of it. Want to add in an email signup checkbox? Feel free to add one from our drag and drop field menu. You can add whatever form fields you need to. You can use Conditional Logic to make smarter, more complex forms or not bother with it at all.

The sky is the limit really. The form templates we have are simply a way to save time where it doesn’t need to be spent. When you’ve freed up your time, you can spend it on other things, like growing your business and getting people onto your website.

Save custom forms as templates

If you liken yourself to be a bit of a form building master, Formidable Forms also allows you to save custom-built forms as templates for yourself. If you know you’ll need that complex form you’ve just built again for another WordPress site, you can simply save it as a template for later. This can save you so much time. You won't have to create the same thing over and over again.

Form templates are included in the core Formidable Forms plugin.

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