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This WordPress SMS plugin connects your WordPress forms to Twilio. This allows your forms to both receive SMS messages and send them, and even schedule for later.

GUI-less submissions

Want to start your own community text voting? Easily allow anyone to text in votes to your Formidable Form. Or maybe you have a survey you'd like to use without requiring anyone to visit your site. Even send out texts to your phone list, and any responses will be saved directly into your form. Get rid of the UI completely and communicate by SMS for your marketing messages.

Now you can send and receive text messages with your WordPress website forms. All you need is a Twilio account and this WordPress SMS marketing plugin. You don't have to be limited to email marketing anymore.

The Twilio SMS plugin is included in the Formidable Forms Business license.

Automated conversations

After an SMS message is sent to your Twilio number, you control the response from your contact forms. Respond conditionally based on the contents of the text.

My advice? Get this plugin and empower yourself to add the functionality to your site that you’ve wanted to but never known how. I’ve built client login areas, a range of conditional sms alerts, user publishing abilities, membership areas, automatic post creations after Woocommerce purchases, a gift voucher system, inter-user messaging, feedback applications and a whole range of other apps using this plugin.

Send SMS text messages

Send SMS notifications conditionally when your entries are created or updated in Formidable Pro, or even when a PayPal payment is received when used with our PayPal plugin. Add even more power with Twilio + Scheduled Autoresponders for timed texts for appointment reminders or birthday wishes.

Need some examples?

Schedule text messages

Supercharge the Twilio SMS plugin alongside the Scheduled Automation add-on.

Please note, you must have a Twilio account in order to use this Twilio plugin. Get started with Formidable Forms today!

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