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I must say, I am just discovering all the potential of Formidable Pro, and it's brilliant! This will save me a lot of time.

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I love it. I use it to run a good portion of my sites. It makes managing information so easy.

David Barczak

Frequently Asked Questions

Why save and continue drafts?

  • Less risk of data loss due to user error, device failure or low battery
  • Allow users to take a break throughout long forms to increase conversion rates
  • Users can enter data during the work day and submit it at the day's end
  • Form actions are triggered on submission by default, with the option to trigger emails when a draft is saved.


Save and continue partial submission with WordPress forms

Can I save and continue with progress bars?

Multi-step forms with progress bars allow users to clearly see how far through the form they are. Then they can decide whether to continue now or pick up their progress at another time.

When users can save and continue later, form drafts are saved automatically after each page turn. This keeps all previous data safe and you get the partial form submissions for abandoned forms too.

So, make things easier for your users and get more form submissions. Break your form into easily manageable steps that they can do in their own time with the option to Save and Continue partial submissions.

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