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Best Forms Tool Ever. Great for forms with entries storage, ability to integrate with PayPal, create complex check out forms and deliver the best results for clients that are always asking for more customization!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I collect payments online?

When you collect payments online, your options open wide. Save time by eliminating the need to record manual payments. Let our PayPal forms plugin do it for you.

Do you collect and publish information from your customers on your website? Maybe you collect classified ads or host a job board? Require a payment before publishing any user-submitted content on your site.

Our PayPal forms plugin automatically makes changes to the form submission when a payment is successful or when a recurring payment fails. That way, you don't have to manually publish and remove anything. It's all automated and seamless.

How do I setup WordPress PayPal Forms?

The WordPress PayPal plugin for Formidable Forms is user-friendly and easy to implement. See the setup instructions to create PayPal forms.

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