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Save time and increase form conversions by pre-loading data in your forms. Your WordPress forms will be loaded with whatever information you choose, without any interaction from your visitors.

Here are a few of the ways you can fill out forms automatically.

Dynamic values
Use shortcodes like [time] or [date] to populate a field with the current time or date.

User meta from profile fields
If your users are logged in, populate your form fields with anything from the user profile like name, email or display name.

Other form entries
You can even populate fields with the values submitted in other forms on your site. When a value is filled in one form, don't make your users fill out the same values again.

Page and post values
Do you need to know what page the form is submitted from? Or maybe you'd like an email notification to go to the author of the current page? No problem.

Fill out forms automatically in the core Formidable Pro plugin.

Sample online form filled for you

Here's a small example to show a few of the different values that can be filled automatically in your WordPress forms.

Front default values
When logged in, you'll see your email address here.
Get any values from the current page.

Formidable is perhaps the single most useful WP plugin I've ever come across - wonderful product and I must also say extremely fast support response.

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