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Do you want advanced forms that pull real results on your WordPress site?

Many business owners are easily put off by the thought of fiddling around with HTML and CSS to get the results they need. While you're busy growing a business, do you have time to learn new coding skills?

Sadly, this means that many people don't build the forms they would like and miss out on the big projects that require more advanced forms. This can lead to slower business growth, lower conversion rates and stagnant profit figures. All because of the lack of technical know-how to build complex custom forms.

Luckily, Formidable Forms has a simple solution that will work wonders on your website and help you achieve the business and sales growth you want.

Drag and drop makes complex WordPress forms simple

Formidable Forms is the most advanced WordPress form builder plugin that makes building forms simple. The refreshingly simple and easy to use form builder includes an intuitive drag and drop interface.

There's no need to code your forms from the ground up. You don't need years of CSS knowledge or back-end maintenance experience. (But you still get access to the form HTML if you want it.)

With the Formidable form builder, simply click or drag a new field into a form to build custom layouts that perfectly match your website needs. Add each element into the form, brick-by-brick. The simplest forms such as contact us forms can be built in minutes.

To save even more time, pull out one of our pre-built form templates. They are ready to use out of the box, but if you want to change it, just click to add or remove any of the fields. It's all fully customizable and flexible to your individual needs.

Our form builder makes building complex sites easy. From directory sites to eCommerce and beyond - Formidable Forms powers over 300,000 WordPress sites across the world.

You don't need advanced HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP knowledge to take advantage of this level of customization and functionality. Now it's available to all Formidable Forms users.

The drag and drop form builder is included in both the Formidable Lite and Premium plugins.

Drag and drop form builder in action

WordPress drag and drop form builder

After spending countless hours customizing forms in WordPress for our clients, Formidable Pro is a breath of fresh air. It merges high level customization with extreme ease of use. I would recommend Formidable Pro to anyone looking to create forms in WordPress!

Rearrange and edit forms in minutes

Need to rearrange form fields? No problem. Click, drag and drop any field to place it wherever you want. Easily arrange fields to give your forms a natural flow and make it clearer for your users.

You can even rearrange form fields on multi-page forms. All you need to do is click and hold the Move icon on your field section and drag the field to its new position. It's as easy as that!

A refreshing drag and drop form building experience

The Formidable form builder is built with speed and simplicity in mind, without sacrificing functionality or flexibility.

This makes creating forms enjoyable with Formidable Forms.

In no time at all, you'll be a form-making master. You’ll create advanced custom forms that allow you to take on bigger and better projects that grow your business at a rate you can be proud of.

What can you build with Formidable Forms?

Build anything you want in Formidable Forms, whether your forms need to be short and simple or advanced and complex. Get all the basic fields plus star ratings, file uploads, range sliders, toggles, and many more.

With the Formidable drag and drop form builder for WordPress, create anything from simple contact forms, to job application forms, payment forms, and registration forms or more complex applications like real estate listings, membership directories or enrollment systems. Whether you're a beginner or are growing fast and need something more robust and flexible on your site, there's a solution with Formidable Forms.

Don't delay. Stop putting off the big projects you think may be impossible. Anything is possible with Formidable Forms.

So get started today to transform your business.

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